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Carmina's Experience in Cloud 9 Hanging Bridge 360 View in Antipolo, Philippines

Carmina wanted her niece to experience something different being able to spend it with her Nana. (Mom Violy) Anyone who is willing to try something adventerious with their grandchildren will try to be brave enough to walk on the hanging bridge. They don't realize it when walking on and having family and best friend support them. Mom Violy and Tita Edna was getting scared when they had reach the middle of the hanging bridge. Carmina had to make sure Mom Violy was alright by walking in back of her. Reaching to 360 View is the reward being able to see the full view of how Antipolo look from the top.   Carmina and Elle stayed on top by taking pictures slowly going down the stairs to reach the bottom to meet with Mom Violy and Tita Edna. Keep following us where Tita Edna will bring us to another location inside Cloud 9 in Antipolo, Philippines. NOTE: Carmina is not selling or advertising for activities inside Cloud 9 Hanging Bridge 360 View in Antipolo, Philippines. Tips: Wear comfortab

Raquel's Hidden Hideout 2-Minute Walk to Mermaid Cove

Raquel has been a neighborhood childhood friend where we both grew up in California. Carmina was able to inform Raquel that Mom Violy and she will be visiting her hometown where she has lived in Hawaii for so many years. Raquel said I will show you how the real Hawaiian live which made you become curious what the meaning is. Mom Violy and Carmina met up with Raquel. At first Mom Violy was worried because she wore the wrong shoe actually in reality never in her life, she liked to wear sneakers. Raquel had explained it is a 2-minute hike where she had said the cove remind her of the mermaids. The reason why you need to enter inside the cove to reach the water it brings you to the main. Not many tourists know about it a long time ago yet now people have learned to be adventure they've learned to share it among their friends. There used to be a wooden ladder for what Raquel had mentioned now it is not available you will need to figure out how to get inside. For those who are in a relat

Yogur Story for Breakfast and Lunch

Gilbert wanted to bring Mom Violy and Carmina to eat lunch at Yogur Story where food is served only for breakfast and lunch. The waiting time was for twenty minutes. The menu of  Yogur Story chooses if you want breakfast or lunch meals. Gilbert had ordered the Prime Rib Loco Moco includes prime rib with sunny side up egg, rice and gravy. You can inform the waiter how you want your prime rib to be cooked if you prefer it medium rare. You know how ube has been the trend for a very long time have you tried the pancake version. Ube Pancake remind Carmina the ube puto made in the Philippines.  From all the pancake Carmina has tried from her trip she can say this one is her favorite and the best part it is not too sweet. The prime rib is different which was something you don't common see having sunny side up egg on top and it is very soft and tender. Mom Violy had enjoyed it very much who loves eating prime ribs. NOTE: Carmina is not selling or advertising for food served at Yogur Story