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Carmina's Review on Second Branch of Sundays Cafe and Restaurant in Maginhawa, Quezon City

We have friends who love to eat out and have no clue where there are places to dine.  No problem with based on my experience we can refer them to places that are reasonable prices. Carmina had tried Sundays Cafe in the branch located in Marikina. I was informed by the server they will be opening their second location sometime this year. Few days ago, Mom Violy, Carmina and some friends came with us to see the new branch of Sundays Cafe and Restaurant in Maginhawa, Quezon City. There is parking in front of the restaurant.  We walked in and noticed a sign saying it was a soft opening. The place was full yet they we're able to accompany us to our table on the ground floor. Someone working there gave us a tour upstairs where the function rooms to those having a party.  The restroom is unisex the first door has the handicap and two restroom doors for male and female to use. The two menus were handed to us one is Filipino and International food.  Next the utensils, napkins, glass water p

The Story of My Mom Dealing with Arthritis

  Fifteen years ago my mom was traveling to Virginia, United States and there was a sale of Lindt chocolate truffles and pistachio nuts she kept eating it every day. One day she was trying to stand up and she fell down off from her chair my mom was wondering why her legs we’re so painful that she couldn’t walk. My mom flew back to visit her doctor in San Francisco. Her doctor had recommended her to take Glucosamine Triple Flex + D3. Years had passed my mom place herself on diet started eating oatmeal in replacement of her rice. What she didn’t know there would be affect on the later period of her life? My mom and I living in the Philippines asked me to search what food she can take and what food is not allowed to eat. I started to do research on the behalf of my mom needing to find what food made it trigger her arthritis. My mom love eating pistachio nuts, peanuts, cashew, corn nuts, corn, mungo beans and many more from the bean family. I found that some people have a d

You're Alternative from a Home Service Massage

You're not allowed to get a daily massage that you are use to calling for home service in the Philippines. You end up looking for an alternative to relieve the pain from doing your daily exercise. In our home we have a massage chair the only difference it only remove the back portion on your body and everybody is all structure to be different. I am a petite person my body frame is smaller to those are much bigger than me. The massage chair doesn't help when you're a small frame this is something I have notice while I had use it during my pandemic months when I felt there was a pain on my back. I decided to find something else not a massage chair but an ointment that I can use to spread on my body pain when I felt it coming to sleep over night. There is no sticky feeling that you need to wash your hands after you have used the Arctic Ice Pain Relieving Gel. I can sleep through the night and wake up with no pain. I was able to purchase Arctic Ice Pain Relieving

Magnum Almond Ice-Cream Bar

Treat yourself with Magnum Almond Ice-Cream bar is a thrill to eat something sweet with Belgium chocolate and vanilla ice-cream. Magunum Ice-Cream Bar is made in Indonesia, Malaysia just imported to the Philippines. The price per ice-cream is PHP 67.00 ($1.34) I was able to purchase my Magnum Almond Ice-Cream bar at Selecta online through Grab online application used on my phone. For your reference click the link to their website: Note: I am not selling  Magnum Almond Ice-Cream bar just wanted to try it.

Charlie Wanton Special

  Long time ago your parents use to eat at Charlie Wanton Special for as long they can remember it is family owned through the years you have search for their restaurant finally you have found it in Facebook. You get to eat the same food and the taste of their beef mami soup taste exactly how you remember from the time you would eat inside their restaurant with your family. The best combination with beef wanton mami soup is their asado or bola bola siopao. Too bad the asado siopao wasn't available today at least your cravings went away missing their food. To get the menu and location click here for your reference: Note: I am not advertising Charlie Wanton Special just miss their food.