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Carmina's Home Improvements by Adding Multi-Layer Shelf Standing Storage Cabinet Space Saving

We all know moving to a new environment is a difficult decision. When a home has been vacant for one year there are items that no longer function property. Only way to know what works and doesn't is to actually live in the home. We grow up raised to clean our homes and make it organized. Moving into a home you see things that may distract yourself by figuring out what needs to be done. Manang V had asked if she can have my kitchen table when I left the previous home. I figured the time I had assemble that old table was during my pandemic years. I decided to make another purchase for a kitchen table that is a bit taller in height. I felt having to many appliances can add on to your room. Carmina made her purchase from  Amaia Furniture  Shopee Philippines. I have made a purchase from them in the past. The type of table I had purchase in their descriptions was the  Amaia Furniture Multi layer Shelf Standing Storage Shelf Cabinet Space saving Microwave Oven Rack  for 1,320.00 pesos not

Facebook My Story

Last night at a glimpse I saw one of my friend post something in their my story in Facebook I couldn’t believe what I saw was for real someone wanted to commit suicide over a boyfriend she had trusted so well but had fooled around several times in their relationship. As the person was showing and expressing her feelings over her Facebook feed and reading what she had felt during that point of anger and feeling depressed at her knowing they have a child together. I couldn’t help reaching out to her as everyone must of given and said all these bad things to her saying it was her fault in the begin with and she needs to stay with him. I did the opposite I reached out to her to let her know she doesn’t need to commit herself to kill herself just for a boyfriend that fooled around. She can find someone else who loves her better than what her boyfriend did to her. It is not the end of the world you can find someone who will treasure you more than anyone else. Why will you