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Easy Carrot Fries Recipe for Air Fryer

People say carrots are for rabbits.  Carmina decided to make her carrots the healthy way. Easy Carrots Fries for Air Fryer Ingredients: 2 - Pieces of Carrots (washed, peel and slice into thin slices) Olive Oil Garlic Powder Preparing: Add the olive oil and garlic powder let it sit for twenty minutes to absorb on both sides of the carrots. Cooking: Place it on your tray of your air fryer making sure there is space.  Cook in the setting what is instructed for fries. I cooked mine for ten minutes no need to turn it over. I had to use the air fryer two times since there wasn't room to fill the whole tray. Dipping Sauce: Honestly, I prefer ranch dressing since didn't have it available just used ketchup of course depending on your preference. NOTE: Carmina is not selling or advertising for ingredients to make carrot fries. Subscribe & follow @ Carmina Lifestyle  a place to look, discover and share. Thank you for your support!

Jack n' Jill Dewberry Strawberry n Cream & Jack n' Jill Dewberry Blueberry Cheesecake

  I had arrived in the Philippines years ago my family member had introduce me to Jack n' Jill Dewberry Strawberry and Cream cookies. It became my favorite to eat it as a snack. Jack n' Jill Dewberry comes individual wrapped packages having three cookies inside. There is new flavor that came out Jack n' Jill Dewberry Blueberry Cheesecake also individual packages. The taste exactly like what a blueberry cheesecake would be if it wasn't a cookie each packages sold for PHP 63.00 ($1.26) for each packages not including shipping and handling. I had made my purchase from  Universal Robina  Online Shop Shopee Philippines. Note: I am not selling Jack n' Jill Dewberry Strawberry n Cream & Dewberry Blueberry Cheesecake. I am not advertising for Universal Robina Online Shop Shopee Philippines.   Just in case you have a Facebook you can find me @ Facebook Page Carmina Lifestyle  click subscribe to look, discover and share. Thank you.

Butter Caramel Candy and Milk Tea Candy

My mom's favorite hard candy is X.O. Butter Caramel. My love to eat it when she is on the road and she feel there is no place to get a bite due to traffic in the Philippines her way to remove hungry strike is to eat a piece of X.O. Butter Caramel candy to push off herself to prevent getting dizzy. My mom's cure to eat her X.O. Butter Caramel candy makes sure she was a lot in her purse when she goes out. Anyway know who to approach and who has the candies that my mom carries with her.  There is a new flavor X.O. Milk Tea Candy I was able to find when I had purchase it from  Universal Robina  Online Shop Shopee Philippines for PHP 31.00 ($0.62) each package not including shipping and handling. When you crave for milk tea there is away you don't need a straw there is a candy flavor made by Jack & Jill in the Philippines. The flavor taste exactly winter melon milk tea if you plan to purchase the real beverage by your choice. Note: I am not selling X.O. Butter Caramel Candy

Samurai Foods

If you feel like having a snack out of the ordinary to try something new not often seen at other places might as well and explore while you're in town. You can find takoyaki in Japan where you see people eating it when you miss their food you can always purchase it at Samurai Food with other selections to add to your list. Takoyaki Double PHP 80.00 ($1.60) Gyoza Fried 5 pcs PHP 180.00 ($3.60) Kamameshi Beef (Fried Rice) PHP 70.00 ($1.40) You're craving is all solved while all food are enough to fill you up in one place can be ordered through food delivery in the Philippines. For you reference you may want to check their website in your location: Note: I am not selling or advertising for Samurai Foods. If you love to hear from @ Facebook Page Carmina Lifestyle  a place to look, discover and share click subscribe. Thank you.

Red Mango

From all what you have been too you end up eating something to cool you off from a hectic day learning base on your life experience you find your family member is into Red Mango. Out of curiosity as they keep asking you a favor to order online you suddenly feel you want to try it too. You want to know why someone diabetic love to eat the Red Mango Original Frozen Yogurt for PHP 130.00 ($2.60) with extra topping of Mango cost additional PHP 20.00 ($0.40). The cost for every medium size original frozen yogurt is PHP 130.00 ($2.60) and every topping added has a charge of PHP 20.00 ($0.40)   Fruits: Banana Blueberry Mango Pineapple  Peaches  Cereal & Nuts: Special K Banana Nut Cereal Sliced Almond Cashew Walnuts Granola Fruity Pebbles Cocoa Pebbles Specialty: Crushed Graham Crushed Chocolate Chocolate Chips Oreo Crumbs Brownie Bites Dried Cranberries Almond Mochi Syrup & Hard Shell: Caramel Shell Dark Chocolate Shell Honey Syrup Chocolate Syrup I didn't want mango for my toppin

Beware of Potential Fraud

You have an incoming phone call that is says on your phone it is a potential fraud calling under a Smart phone number and you accidentally answered the call. The person asked if you're the person they are trying to get a hold of who is under that account name and you tell them you're not that person. The person begin to question you where is that person who is under that account and you begin to question if they really work for Globe Cellular they would of notice which phone number is the primary account. You are aware it is a fraud caller you just end up listening to the person who keep talking over the phone letting you be aware there is a new promo that you might consider changing your phone plan for 1799. The person is explaining what the new plan is available you begin to ask questions if the promo is listed online in their website to check if the person who is on the phone is telling you the truth. The person said yes you can check it for yourself. The person was very per