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Cravewell 100% Freeze Dried Yogurt Sphere Fruit Crunch

Just out of curiosity I decided to purchase Cravewell Yogurt Sphere Fruit Crunch. I've seen many videos floating at reels of freeze-dried fruits. I wanted to know what it would taste. I went to pick the following sold at  Fourtify Market  Online Shopee Philippines. The flavors I had picked are the following: Cravewell Raspberry Peach Yogurt Sphere for PHP 119.00 ($2.13). For me the Raspberry is really sour πŸ˜–and the Peach is powder texture in your mouth.  Cravewell Apple Strawberry Fruit Crunch for PHP 119.00 ($2.13). I liked the taste of the apple and strawberry. πŸ˜‹ Cravewell Peach, Strawberry and Blueberry Yogurt Sphere for PHP 119.00 ($2.13) wasn't my best choice. Yet the family members liked it better where we all have different taste buds from everyone else. I place all packs in a bowl for you all to see how it looked the portion are really meant for snacking. NOTE: Carmina is not selling or advertising for Cravewell Yogurt Sphere Fruit Crunch from Fourtify Market Online S

Carmina's Observation Based on Experience

Carmina’s observation from able to travel and stay in the United States for two months. There are people who don’t wear a face mask when there are a lot of people in their homes. Not like living in the Philippines we wear a face mask going downstairs. We have families coming over from different homes we are all required to wear a face mask. Families from the outside don’t eat at our homes they prefer to have it take out cooked by Manang V. Shopping: Carmina notice even if there are sign on the doors no face mask no entry. I sometimes see people shop with no face mask they may have it inside their pocket and only wear it upon entering the store. Sometimes it is not only customers fault I’ve seen employees who are also not wearing one when it is required in some area. Not like in the Philippines we are required to wear one at all times and stores check our temperature through our palm of the hands or forehead. Restaurant: Customers prefer outdoor dining or restaurants that has doors wide