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DJ & A Healthy Vegetable Snacks

Carmina has rubbed on to her friend how to eat healthy snacks living in California. We come across when friends influence you to eat healthy as we begin to age you start to think how to balance our snacks. You love to eat mushroom, broccoli and potato you can eat it as a chip but the healthy version. Carmina was able to try the Original Potato Wedge kind of remind you eating a baked potato with chives. Mushroom chips are not that salty yet hard to bite into if you're an elderly.  DJ & A Healthy Snacks can be found in your Dollar Tree Store or purchase online at  DJ & A  to find out what other chips of vegetables you would like to try. NOTE: Carmina is not selling or advertising for DJ & A Healthy Vegetable Snacks. Subscribe & follow @ Carmina Lifestyle  a place to look, discover and share. Thank you for your support!

Tips on How My Mom Gets Around with Her New Phone

Recently I had purchase a new phone for my mom online due to one of her phone broke down having it for ten years. It wasn't one of those android phones it was the less complicated phones we had started ourselves decades ago that was a keypad with no social media accounts connected or any internet that we're all hung up on. Although my mom has two sets of phone one from her Globe Cellular and Sun Cellular carrier due she has friends who have different phone carrier in the Philippines to lessen your expenses on calls or text. My mom wanted to have two separate accounts. Even though it is possible to put two sim cards in one phone my mom prefer to have two separate phones with her to not confuse who she is calling. Living in the Philippines most people have two phones with them to carry along with them all separate simcards and phone carrier. Those living elsewhere you will think we are rich that why we would have two phones to bring with us. The life in the Philippine

Look, Discover & Share from Carmina Lifestyle

The way we look into something before we can discover something in our life we need to dig into what we have found. I have changed my caption in Carmina Lifestyle to be able to look, discover and share is what we do on our own when you analyze the way we see every concept in how we think. Through our own process we look for something that comes in our mind. We discover something new on our own or from help from other people. We end up sharing what we have learned from base on our own experiences or what people tell us to inform us how their life all has begun. The way we live we look, discover and share is something everyone learns on their own and from others who are surrounded in our life. There will always be something to discover in Carmina Lifestyle when we all look ahead of the coming year and you can learn to share to your family and friends. If you have a Facebook click subscribe Carmina Lifestyle - Home | Facebook a place to look, discover and share.