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Tips: How to Change Setting Who You're Following in Facebook

Mom Violy was complaining to Carmina she could not see some of my post in Carmina Lifestyle. Carmina had changed the setting on Mom Violy's Facebook account. Click on Following it will bring you here shown on the picture. Click to FEED on the arrow. Click Feed Priority place on Default shown on the picture. Go back to Following and Click Content it will bring you to Post Notifications click on Highlights. Go back to Following, Click Video goes to Video Notifications and click on All Notifications. Go back to Following and click on Live Video it will bring you to Live Video Notifications. Click on All and go back to main page should be okay. Mom Violy hasn't been complaining anymore. NOTE: Carmina is not selling or advertising for activities inside Facebook applications. Subscribe & follow @ Carmina Lifestyle  a place to look, discover and share. Thank you for your support!

Limited Time Offer Blueberry Cheesecakebon

  The new season of fruits are blueberries sold in the Philippines there is a new limited time offer in Blueberry Cheesecakebon to try at Cinnabon Bakery Restaurant I was only planning to buy my Cinnabon raisin bread and came across a new limited time offer of blueberry cheesecakebon that had a promo.  I decided to try two pieces blueberry cheesecakebon with two mini original Cinnabon Combo 4 for the price of PHP 240.00 ($4.80) not including handling and tip to the rider through Grab. I feel I am traveling around the world somewhere not in my home just by eating my blueberry cheesecakebon although I have traveled around the Europe area in my past travel ventures. For your reference you may check their website to see what products are sold in your area. Note: I am not selling Blueberry Cheesecakebon at Cinnabon Bakery Restaurant.

Genki Sushi

  I've found a jack pot in a Japanese Restaurant that I can keep ordering from a place I was able to find on my own while craving for some new dishes to try. Genki Sushi is located in UP Town Center rather than going there in person. I had ordered online through Grab to have it delivered to my home. The picture on the top is the Salmon Teriyaki Don the flavor is very different from salmon dishes I usually eat it has so many texture of salmon along with Japanese rice sold for PHP 380.00 ($7.60). Everyone's favorite is Chicken Teriyaki Don with a meal with Japanese rice sold for PHP 230.00 ($4.60). Might as well venture and try their sushi I had ordered Chicken Teriyaki Roll just to try something out my usual order sold for PHP 160.00 ($3.20). All I can say I am looking forward in trying their other dishes off the menu from so many to choose from it will take me a long time to try everything at  Genki Sushi . Note: I am not selling or advertising for Genki Sushi just craving for

Nilagang Mani (Boiled Peanuts) Recipe

In the Philippines anyone love to have Nilagang Mani (Boiled Peanuts) in their home to eat while watching a movie or a time just to talk with someone across the table in order to have food in front of them. Nilagang Mani (Boiled Peanuts) Recipe Ingredients: 2 Kilo - Fresh Peanut Pot Water Strainer Cooking Instructions: Boil water in pot with the peanut and cook for one hour once cooked strain the water place in serving bowl consume right away or place in an open Tupperware to eat the next day. Tip: Nilagang Mani (Boiled Peanuts) doesn't have long shelf life it will get spoiled if you don't consume it right away. If you have a Facebook click subscribe Carmina Lifestyle - Home | Facebook a place to look, discover and share.

Do you remember bringing Ice Breakers Mints Spearmint with you?

Do you remember bringing Ice Breakers Mints Spearmint with you? I remember my relatives or friends bringing Ice Breakers Mints Spearmint with them every time they would travel in case they get motion sickness in the car or plane. People also eat a mint when they reach hunger strike and no food to be bought from the area where they are at the moment. At time people brought them after they have eaten a meal rather than brushing their teeth afterwards they would eat one mint to take out the smell from their mouth. We also hear to have a mint to those who are a smoker in order for their family and friends not to smell their breath. I was able to reconnect too Ice Breakers Mints Spearmint by ordering it online through  Richkelz Online Shop in Shopee  sold for PHP 95.00 ($1.90) not including shipping and handling. Note: I am not selling Ice Breakers Mints Spearmint or advertising for Richkelz Online Shop in Shopee. If you have a Facebook click subscribe Carmina Lifestyle - Home | Facebook a

Blueberry Cream Cheese Nugget

I am missing my home town hanging out with my best friend during my visit in California. We would hang out at the shopping mall do her errands and I would just accompany her. We would take a break and head down to the food court to get a snack. My favorite snack is Auntie Anne's known for their homemade pretzels with different type of selections. My friend's favorite is the two cheese pepperoni nuggets sold for PHP 100.00 ($2.00). I love to eat often is cinnamon sugar pretzel being sold for PHP 80.00 ($1.60). The best part it is hot and fresh when you receive it from your home. The best part now when you miss your hang out with your best friend you can still buy Auntie Anne's in the Philippines. All you can do is just reminiscing the bonding moments with your friend until than we can see each other again in the future to come. The new product that came out is Blueberry Cream Cheese Nugget why not test it out to see what it will turn out too bad my friend is not here to try