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Carmina's Progress for Swimsuit Challenge Summer 2023

Carmina's only problem is her tummy fats. I am almost there. The advantages for me I get a massage from Mary Ann weekly and a way our blood vessel starts to flow from our body. Mary Ann is able to remove all the knots and pain after you've exercise.  I am the lucky one since I have started since year 2020. I've already aware what exercise works for me. Plus, I've added walking around the neighborhood for thirty minutes or one hour depending on the weather conditions.  We have option to different type of exercise by searching online to see which are the best that makes us sweat continually. Mary Ann and I have been sharing which routine we are following giving each of us support in what we do daily. We have our own support team. Observation: For myself I have notice whatever weight you are there are tummy fats what food you eat doesn't matter only if you add exercise in your daily life. I weigh 119 pounds. However, the clothing and my waistline is the same no matter

Healthy Way to Cure Gout and Arthritis

Do you have high in uric acid and there are times you cannot walk because you have gout? Gout can be painful to walk for those who get it from eating red meat, salmon, sardine, tuna, coffee, soda, nuts, beer that irritated you getting high uric acid. Arthritis comes from eating from the bean family which is string bean, peas, bean sprouts and etc.  Oatmeal and wheat bread also cause this if you over excess eating so much.  There is always a limit how much you consume. Gout is from the arthritis family. This can happen at any age do necessary come from just you being old. It is because you are eating the wrong kind of food without limitation in your diet.  However everyone is different and certain food will not affect other people. You will have to take notes which food does trigger your gout and arthritis. Stress can also trigger gout and arthritis. Try to talk about your problem and find ways to remove stress. I will give you a recipe that my Aunt gave me when she came o