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Carmina's Experience in Cloud 9 Hanging Bridge 360 View in Antipolo, Philippines

Carmina wanted her niece to experience something different being able to spend it with her Nana. (Mom Violy) Anyone who is willing to try something adventerious with their grandchildren will try to be brave enough to walk on the hanging bridge. They don't realize it when walking on and having family and best friend support them. Mom Violy and Tita Edna was getting scared when they had reach the middle of the hanging bridge. Carmina had to make sure Mom Violy was alright by walking in back of her. Reaching to 360 View is the reward being able to see the full view of how Antipolo look from the top.   Carmina and Elle stayed on top by taking pictures slowly going down the stairs to reach the bottom to meet with Mom Violy and Tita Edna. Keep following us where Tita Edna will bring us to another location inside Cloud 9 in Antipolo, Philippines. NOTE: Carmina is not selling or advertising for activities inside Cloud 9 Hanging Bridge 360 View in Antipolo, Philippines. Tips: Wear comfortab

Catalina's Nopales Cactus Recipe

Carmina and Catalina have been friends since attending college in Sacramento, California being neighbors living in an apartment complex. Catalina loves to cook Authentic Mexican food that was taught by her own mother. Carmina loves eating Mexican food and love to learn new things when it comes to cooking. Nopalas Catus grows in Catalina's backyard where she was able to harvest before she went to pick up Carmina. Catalina's Nopales Cactus Recipe Ingredients: 3 Pieces - Nopales Cactus 1/2 - White Onion Cilantro Salt  2 Cups - Water Before you can begin cooking Catalina had removed the spikes from the Nopalas Cactus by using a knife than she will slice it up into small cubes. Place the Nopalas Cactus in a pot by adding some white onion, cilantro and salt cook it for ten minutes. Nopales Cactus is already cooked ready to be served with tacos and other Mexican dishes where someday Catalina will teach Carmina her Mexican dishes. NOTE: Carmina is not selling or advertising for Nopales