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Smash It: Burger & More in Marikina Heights

Who is craving for Burgers and fries?   Hopefully you're into something new to eat at Smash It: Burger & More in Marikina Heights.  I had ordered it through Grab Food application on my phone.  The following orders were as followed: Double BBQ Bacon Smash Burger requested for no sauce and vegetables for PHP 207.20 with Curly Fries PHP 169.00 plus a Red Iced tea PHP 49.00 total of PHP 425.20 ($7.59). Double Caramelized Smash Burger for PHP 249.00 with French Fries with Homemade Ketchup PHP 99.00 total of PHP 348.00 ($6.21). I had ordered myself the Buffalo Chicken Poppers for PHP 189.00 ($3.38) the serving was big. I couldn't quite finish it very spicy even if it says mild on the label on the box. I used my ranch dressing to minimize the heat coming from my mouth. I wanted to try their Apple Cinnamon Tart for two pieces for PHP 129.00 ($2.30) the apple cinnamon tart wasn't sweet something good to add vanilla ice-cream if you wanted too. NOTE: Carmina is not selling or adv

DVF Dairy Farm's Gatas ng Kalabaw (Carabao's Milk)

Do you remember how I had post last month that I had purchase some Greek Yogurt? When it had arrived at my location by taking a picture it was Greek Yogurt made out of Kalabaw which I don't eat anything made of carabao of in English water buffalo. My mom doesn't eat yogurt she was craving for the milk.  I was able to find the DVF Dairy Farm's Gatas ng Kalabaw (Carabao's Milk) from Lazada for PHP 175.00 ($3.50) 500 ml not including shipping and handling. You may place your order if you are living within the Philippines  DVF Dariry's Farm Gatas ng Kalabaw . They have other sizes depends on how much you can consume with an expiration date given in the back. In the Philippines people don't just drink the DVF Dairy Farm's Gatas ng Kalabaw (Carabao's Milk) the pour it into their cooked rice and eat dried tuyo with it. I don't eat this dish something I am not familiar with that so I am not pure Filipino is what my family member tells me. Note: Carmina is no

Home of Authentic Ramen

What have driven me to order at Shinjuku Home of Authentic Ramen was when I had glance at the menu. I saw a new item that I have never seen in any other Japanese Restaurant. I have always been a fan of eating gyoza, but never saw someone make it into black ink which is from squid. I've tried the noodles version so why not try the gyoza. Coming from food there is always something new to try in any place you can sense somewhere to bring you to a place to order through Grab Food at  Shinjuku House of Authentic Ramen  by checking their Facebook Page. Among the family members I love to explore on food from any Japanese restaurant I would eat. I am the type who risk themselves to try something out of the ordinary that you don't always have a favorite in every dishes cooked elsewhere. The best part trying new dishes your list gets longer when you expand yourself to something new. I found my favorite sushi from Shinjuku Home of Authentic Ramen. I had ordered Super California Maki that

Carmina Lifestyle Survey for Nursing

I have known my best friend since college growing up in California and we have been keeping in touch.  We tend to get drawn away and not realize what type of profession our friends go through to get where they are and Carmina made a survey for those who wanted to participate and let other be able to understand what line of work they do. SURVEY FROM CARMINA LIFESTYLE 1. As a college student what was it like graduating and finding you're first job. 2. How did you decide upon getting a job toward working? 3. How did you find the job? Answers to 1-3 It was exhilarating to finally graduate, but at the same time nerve-racking from having to study again for the NCLEX. It went well at first attempt, but finding a job in 1993 was very hard due to the recession. I had my heart set on working in an acute care hospital anywhere in California that offered a New Grad Program, but to no available. I even applied as far as Texas and New York. It was in New York that I received several offers. Howe