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Carmina's Review on Tuna San Salad from Salad Stop!

Carmina went back to eating salad where she has ordered from  Salad Stop before in the past. The serving is quite big for me. I can eat it three times. The ingredients are romaine, hard-boiled egg, seared tuna, avocado, edamame, cherry tomatoes, mandarin orange, sesame seeds, wasabi and honey soy dressing for PHP 365.00 ($6.40) not including delivery fee to the rider through Grab Food.\ Carmina's first serving was with the tuna, so it won't spoil right away with the ingredients. Second serving I added what I had in my home with canned corn and marinated artichoke hearts. Until I was able to finish my salad lasted the second day by placing inside the refrigerator. To see what else I've tried are the following: Hail Caesar Salad & Big Bird Salad Signature Salad Go Geisha NOTE: Carmina is not selling or advertising for Tuna San Salad from Salad Stop Philippines. Subscribe & follow @ Carmina Lifestyle  a place to navigate you to healthy living.

Thinking You Have It All

My friend always tells me I have everything in life. She always tells me I have the money to buy what food I want to eat. I have the money what she can’t seem to buy for herself because she lives in a tight budget. My friend always compares me to her lifestyle. All my life I have always been compared from my childhood friends. They always say, I have more than what they wish they can have, but do they know all those stuff didn’t come from me. It came from my parents who have given me what they thought I needed. Yes, I may have greater things when I was young, but I was not handed through a silver spoon whom I have met from my parent’s friends who had kids my age. I also had to earn to gain what I wanted. I wasn’t happy what people said, to me. We all have family problems and that is a part of growing up. We learn from our mistakes and learn to not do it continuously as we get older. I don’t like it when my friends feel they have to compare me what they don’t or t

Cold Cuts, European Sausage and Bacon Made in the Philippines

I grew up eating sandwiches when I was young and until now I am grown up. I love making my own sandwiches from different type of meat. My parents use to own a franchise of Subway Sandwich Franchise when I had graduated from college. Not many Filipino people like eating sandwiches not like me since I am more Americanize I was able to find a place that sells cold cuts around my area. Windmill Gourmet Inc sells a variety of cold cuts, sausages and bacon. If, you are from the European Country and miss sausage back home this is for you. Premium Fantastic Sausage : Bratwurst Hungarian Italian Kielbasa Schublig Frankfuter Cheesy Frankfurter Beef Frank with Bacon Wrap Cold Cuts: Pastrami Turkey Ham Chicken Ham Cooked Ham Milano (salami) Pepperoni Bacon Highlight: For you reference you can check their Facebook Page: