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Yssa has Accepted New Challenge Trade 10k with Carmina in Poppo Live

The only way to expose your friends to have some experience is to challenge themselves. Yssa was able to practice sending me gifts worth 3k and 5k in Poppo Live. I wanted her to get excited receiving gifts from doing a 10k trade. I remember when I just started doing Poppo Live it was an exciting feeling to receive gifts and see it on your screen. The objects floating it is a life experience. Carmina had informed Yssa there are only two that she can picked from Love Doll and Cheers. Yssa said the Love Dolls look cute. Carmina sent the Cheers either way Yssa can see how they both look on the screen. Carmina next challenge for Yssa is to trade 20k it will increase each time. NOTE: Carmina is not selling or advertising for activities inside Poppo Live application. Subscribe & follow @ Carmina Lifestyle  a place to look, discover and share. Thank you for your support!

The Benefits of Virgin Coconut Oil

  The more you hang out with your mom for one afternoon and talking to her over the phone you learn something new from her. My mom had mentioned most of her friends are taking Virgin Coconut Oil to prevent those getting coronavirus and having other benefits from taking it daily. I am sharing you the booklet that came with the ABS Herbs Grace Virgin Coconut Oil to learn more clicks on their website: I've heard of virgin coconut oil is also good for your skin and hair in what I have been using to not make it dry. Everyone believes what they hear and in order to find out if it really works is to test it out on our own. Everyone has their own experiences and medical reasons why they use it. This is what people say how to choose the best virgin coconut oil based on the fake ones in the market that you will encounter here in the Philippines is to make sure the virgin coconut turns to a thick texture in the bottle. I didn't have to take it out to

Reliable Sellers for Your Gardening in the Philippines

My mom felt she was getting bored during her pandemic months in order to make her feel better I wanted her to be happy and content with her life. My mom love to garden even when we lived in California our home town. If she can find something to satisfied her boredom was to start gardening in her terrace in her home. My mom has a green thumb. I would ask my mom what type of vegetables she would like to plant in her terrace. I was looking for a seller to purchase in Shopee. We had moments when I would order seeds from some of the sellers and they we're painted with metallic colors to my mom she had informed me the vegetables will not be sweet after you have planted it. From so many sellers we came across we finally found a seller that provided the right seeds I will share with you the sellers I was able to purchase online at shopee for your future reference. James Poultry Supply Lush 'N Leaves Green Thumb Shop Farm Choice Agribusiness Plantfilled To get the right organic soil fro

Razon's of Guagua

My mom loves eating at Razon with her relatives and close friends to eat their pancit luglug, halo halo and puto. Every time we have a guest visiting us we bring them to experience their halo halo. Everyone wants to get a taste of their food even when you only live in the Philippines you too want to eat it for your merienda shown in this video clip. To get to know about Razon click at their website: Note: I am not selling/advertising Razon just my mom's favorite place to have her merienda. The meaning of merienda is a snack in the Philippines a meal that is after lunch and before your dinner/