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Lunch at Cloud 9 in Antipolo, Philippines

Carmina's special guest is her niece Elle who has come from Singapore and would like to spend time with her Nana (mom Violy). Carmina has made one day agenda to visit Antipolo, Rizal where nature will bring us. There are too many places to visit Antipolo with our time limit and planning to do so many things in one day. We also have to consider the traffic coming from Manila to Antipolo. By looking at the menu given to us at ourseat giving us chairs that are no removeable giving us social distancing while eating our meals. First we had lunch at Cloud 9 giving Elle a chance to eat her Kare Kare that she was craving. Carmina ordered chicken barbeque meal. Mom Violy had ordered the following Filipino dishes. Pancit Pinakbet Lempo We had sago gulaman for over cold beverage. We're told if you spend more than PHP 350.00 you get a free entrance inside Hanging Bridge a view on top of 360 View. They'll put a stamp on you before leaving the restaurant at Cloud 9. NOTE: Carmina is not

Portable Soap Box Bathroom Soap Holder Tray

Near the sink we usually have a place for our bar soap when house is old we need to adjust ourselves to find a solution for it.

We want to make sure our soap gets drained out when we use it with water to prevent soap scum.

Carmina was able to find Portable Soap Box Bathroom Soap Holder Tray from Tiger Sam 1986.PH that comes in random color for PHP 11.00 ($0.20) not including shipping and handling.

It is easy to assemble by placing the plastic tube to the suctions cup and place on tray holder in the back.

Place any where in which area is near your sink giving space for water to drain once used.


Carmina is not selling or advertising for Portable Soap Box Bathroom Soap Holder Tray from Tiger Sam 1986.PH and the dove soap that is used for display.

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