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Carmina's Hobby Making Gel Candles in California

People who stay at home try to find a new hobby or venture through exploring. Carmina use to live in California she learned how to make gel candles at her home. I would purchase my gel candles supplies at the art store. I learned to purchase my glass containers from the thrift stores. They we're inexpensive way to save money on items that can be useful. Decorations to use was able to find in garage sales sold during the season of summer. Everything was assessable to find what we needed to be creative to build art with your own imagination. I'll be sharing you what I have made in the past through pictures. During that time, I was into aquarium having fish inside a glass container my imagination run with ideas. I had friends who also requested decorations for their home. Vegetables I would purchase waxed molds just to add with the gel by combining them together. Our days there wasn't any social media everything was sold elsewhere. I had a friend having a baby girl decided to

Celebrating Uncle Danny's Birthday in Ohgane in Alameda, California

We are celebrating Uncle Danny's birthday celebration where they have decided to have it at Ohgane in Alameda, California.

Mom Violy and Carmina is a small mini reunion among her relatives.

Ohgane is an all you can eat Korean Barbecue where you'll be placing an order off their online menu by taking a picture directing their menu.

Aunt Marissa the host of her husband birthday party had seating arrangements with our names on it.

We took pictures with our relatives being excited after three years seeing them in person.

No birthday without a birthday wish is no fun where the cake was purchased by Marianne their daughter.

Those who are not into grilling their food we had assigned our relatives to do it for us. We should already know when you dine inside a Korean Barbeque your clothing will also smell like food when you leave the restaurant.

Ohgane Alameda is the location where you can check their menu to see what you would like to order.

Everyone is wearing a face mask when you enter their restaurant.


Carmina is not selling or advertising food served from Ohgane Alameda, California.

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